KLARME skincare was founded by Jaemin Lee in the winter of 2016, established with the ambition of providing effective high-end skincare solutions at prices that will not break the bank for its audience. Lee decided to put his extensive chemical knowledge and experience as a medical researcher for skin cancer and carcinoma pharmaceuticals into practice and started off by creating effective customized hypo-allergic products for his friends and family in the beginning. However, it was never really Jay’s dream to get into the skincare industry.

A very close friend of Jaemin was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her illness lead her to subsequent allergic reactions on almost all commercially available skin care products, and those ‘few’ that did suit her were priced too far out of her range. It was then when Lee, decided to take upon the challenge to make something that was specifically suited for her needs, but despite his knowledge and experience, it still took over a year and a half to make his first successful EGCG+Vitamin C serum formula and then soon after other range of products for his friend.

In his journey to make the serum it became evident to Jaemin that there was and till today still is a serious lack of the understanding among customers about the composition and use of ingredients in modern skincare products those which are so often paired with expensive marketing campaigns, making the skin care market a perplexing place where consumers are left confused and vulnerable to ridiculously high prices. However, despite successfully creating a line of products for his friend, Jaemin was still unsure of entering the commercial market, but with much encouragement from family and friends he decided to take the leap and in the winter of 2016 KLARME was officially born.